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On 1 April 2015, Laura Hospes found herself in the UCP, a psychiatric ward of the hospital, after a suicide attempt. From the very first day she kept a visual record of herself with her camera, because talking was simply too difficult. With her monochrome, high contrast photos she shared her story with the world around her, which helped her to feel less lonely. The period, that lasted over eight months, resulted in an extended series about a young woman teetering on the brink of a conscious death. Laura decided to make a book of the series, to let the world see and, more importantly, feel her story. And so the book UCP was created, 1.5 years after this first suicide attempt.


Laura Hospes (1994) has been capturing her own self with the camera since the tender age of 16, out of a need to connect with people. This need has not waned over the years; it has only become more necessary. Hospes' self portraits are her way of making clear what is inside of her. Her camera consoles and understands her better than anyone else. Photography is her medium to accept and process the many struggles in her life. The resulting images are intense and arresting, as well as being a captivating glimpse inside the world of a young woman dealing with depression and anxiety. As her work mirrors here wellbeing, she is currently working on project about caring and healing.


Laura Hospes (1994) haalde haar vwo-diploma op het Pallas Athene College te Ede. Vervolgens is zij gaan studeren aan de Fotoacademie, waar zij in 2016 'with honour' is geslaagd. In 2015 werd zij verkozen tot een van de beste opkomende fotografen door de jury van LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2015. Het project waarmee ze de juryleden kon overtuigen heet 'UCP-UMCG' en is gemaakt tussen de muren van een psychiatrische inrichting. De serie, die voornamelijk bestaat uit zwart-witte zelfportretten, laten de emoties zien die Hospes tijdens haar opname op haar af voelde komen. Na dit succes is zij doorgegaan met haar fotografie en heeft zij verschillende exposities gehouden, boeken uitgebracht en prijzen gewonnen.


Publisher: Uitgeverij Lecturis B.V.; 1st edition (September 2016)
Language: English
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ISBN-10: 9462261903
ISBN-13: 9789462261907
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