sturges, Jock - Book SIGNED and unopened RARE

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SIGNED and unopened photobook by Jock Sturges

Very rare, unopened, with signature of Jock Sturges. The picture of the signature is not from this book, because the book is unopened.

First edition, 208 pages, hardcover.

More than 200 black-and-white images of Sturges's trademark obsession: children in unusual poses, usually naked.


Jock Sturges has long been a lightning rod for controversy for his distinctive brand of nude photography. Sturges shoots much of his work around nudist beaches in France and northern California, and his most frequent subjects have been adolescent girls. The photos have an undeniably erotic quality, unlike some types of nude photography that treat the human body more as abstract form. Sturges uses a large-format camera to create extremely detailed, finegrained images, while his strong feel for sunlight bathes his models and settings with a shimmering quality.:




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