Rodchenko brand new!

€ 39,00

Rodchenko brand new!

Édité par Gerhard Steidl et Peter Macgill

isbn 9783869302904


For many years, respected gallerists Peter MacGill, Rudolf Kicken and Edwynn Houk

have been collecting Aleksandr Rodchenko's photographs.

This book is a curated selection of these images,

most reproduced at their original sizes.

The hallmarks of Rodchenko's inimitable Constructivist-influenced vision are here to see,

regardless of whether he is photographing people, architecture or machinery--bold diagonals,

abstract shapes and moving objects cutting through space.



Presentation: HardcoverWidth: 25,3 cmHeight: 33,5 cmThickness: 1,7 cmWeight: 1,194 kgLanguage: FrenchNumber of pages: 104

Date of issue: 2012
Editor: Steidl