Stevens, Peter - MS ONT-BlOOT 2

€ 24,95

ISBN/EAN 9789490352394 

Author: Saskia Viner

 Publisher:  Writing beautiful person 

Dutch Language 

Implementation bound in hard band 

112 Pages 

Length:   306 mm width 217 mm 

thickness:  13 mm 

weight  : 677 gr


MS Ont-expose has since its launch in May 2011, a large group of MS patients. There was a lot of media attention for the book, photo exhibitions in hospitals and contacts. The yield was more than € 14000.00 for MS Research. 
In MS Ont-expose 2 give MS patients from Netherlands and Belgium again. They show that they are so much more than their erratic disease, they enjoy life, despite the fight against the MonSter.
Research on MS stays hard. There is still far too little possible to this horrible disease to deal with.