Bond, Henry - Point And Shoot XXL book!

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Title: Point and Shoot

Publisher: Hatje Cantz

Publication Date: 2000

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition: New

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About the book:

The photographs of 32-year-old Henry Bond from England show the view of the stroller ambling through the streets of London. The shopping precincts, nightclubs, dance floors and, again and again, the fashion labels of Nike and Adidas seem to turn up by accident in the pictures, often indistinct or seen from unusual angles. Henry Bond playfully makes use of a wide range of stylistic methods: with a zoomphoto lens he reveals indiscreet glimpses à la paparazzi, in his photos of shoes he quotes advertising and fashion photography, grainy photos seem to come from the monitoring cameras on the street corner. Henry Bond relishes the rough qualities of photography by buying and using a mixture of readily available cheap cameras sold on the High Street.

About the author

In the 1990s, Bond was a photojournalist working for British fashion, music, and youth culture magazine The Face. In 1998, his photobook of street fashions in London The Cult of the Street was published.

In his Lacan at the Scene (Slavoj }i~ek, series ed., Short Circuits, MIT Press, 2009), Bond made a contribution to theoretical psychoanalysis.

In 1990, with Sarah Lucas, Bond organized the art exhibition East Country Yard Show, which was influential in the formation and development of the YBA art movement; together with Damien Hirst, Angela Bulloch and Liam Gillick, the two were "the earliest of the YBAs."[3]

Bond's visual art tends to appropriation and pastiche; he has exhibited work made collaboratively with YBA artists including a photograph made with Sam Taylor-Wood and the Documents Series