[breves como fotos] El retrato en la Colleccion Fundación Televisa

€ 35,00
  • by Garrido, Lola; Gomez Haro, Germaine
  • Publisher:Fundacio Foto Colectania, 2004
  • Edition:Softcover
  • Language:SpanishEnglish
  • Hardcover p177
  • Measurements: 20.00 x 27.00 cm

Breves como fotos brings together a selection of photographs from one of the most important photography collections in Latin America, Fundación Televisa, which is also an excellent example of corporate collecting.

The collection, started by Álvarez Bravo and which includes more than 2,000 works, represents a true historical journey through the evolution of photographic art, from its origins until the middle of the 20th century. The Casa Lamm de México Culture Centre hosts, preserves and promotes this magnificent collection.

This catalogue, published to accompany the Foto Colectania exhibition, brings together a total of 75 photographic portraits, a genre of photography par excellence whose evolution has gone hand in hand with the popularization of the medium, its technological changes and the recognition of the subjectivity of the photographic gaze.

Fox Talbot - Regnault - Julia Margaret Cameron - John Thomson - Nadar-watson-bellocq-genthe-de Meyer-curtis-ulmann-modotti-bourke White-dorothea Lange-stieglitz-walker Evans-hine-strand-sander-erich Salomon-edward Weston-berenice Abbott-kati Horna-laura Cohen-tom Knight-yousuf Karsh-tabard-judy Dater-boubat-doisneau-reynoso-cartier-bresson-charbonnier-humberto Rivas-mel Rosenthal-william Klein-tony Ray Jones-yavno-gardu„o-iturbide-ortiz Montasterio-eleta-flores Olea-alvarez Bravo-lartigue-muybridge-morgan-steichen-brandt-man Ray-kepes-arbus-weegee-roberto Frank-escamilla-friedlander