Pribeh Fotografie - Daniela Mrázková - Mladá fronta

€ 25,00

Publisher Mladá fronta, 1985

Condition: used; good copy

The story of photography: A story about the history of world photography through the life and creative destinies of important personalities and marginal developmental moments

The book traces the development of artistic photography since the first surviving photograph A View Through a Window on the Court of Joseph Nicéphor Niepc from 1826 through many famous and lesser-known names and left us in the 1980s. Daniela Mrázková acquaints us in various ways with various periods and photographic directions, to which she gives a detailed description. He then focuses on individual photographers, to whom one page is always devoted with an engaging biography and several examples from their work. At the end of the book we find a colorfully documented chapter The Great Anonymous, in which the author focuses on photography with application techniques that allow us to penetrate "where our eye can no longer enter" and when photography develops into a separate scientific and technical methodology.