Cauwenbergh van, Henk - LE MATIN - GIANT XXL book! rare! new unopened.

€ 195,00
  • Uitgever:Tectum B.V.B.A.
  • ISBN:9789076886367
  • Bindwijze:Linnen band
  • Aantal Pagina's:208
  • Genre:Fotografie
  • Jaar:2007

About the book:

Beautiful and stunning art/photobook showing 202 photograph of women during their morning rituals. All shots made by Flemish glamour photographer Henk van Cauwenbergh.


Celebrated photographer, Henk van Cauwenbergh has a growing reputation in Europe for his show business and fashion photography (for magazines and calendar publication) and for his creative photographs of beautiful women. He honed his technique as a student of master photographer, Peter Lindberg, and for the last decade has been specialising in portrait photography which looks into the soul of people, capturing the sensitive emotion on their faces. In his new collection, "Le Matin", he pursues the theme of early morning: waking to the new day, minds rested and faces without make up. These photographs shows us the thoughts and emotions of 100 women, captured in the early morning after waking up in front of the camera. It features 20 colour photographs and over 100 black and white photographs - all sensitive portrait studies specially taken for this book. It is a huge book (one and a half feet high) bound in black linen and packaged in a slip case.