Das Lexikon der Fotografen 1900 bis heute - Hans-Michael Koetzle - Knaur

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  • Title The Lexicon of Photographers: 1900 to the present day
  • Author Hans-Michael Koetzle
  • Publisher Knaur, 2002
  • ISBN 9783426664797
  • Hardcover; 528 pages
  • Weight 3245 g

This work is the result of five years of international research. Detailed biographical information on the 549 greatest photographers, illustrated with over 1000 of their pictures. Documentarists, photojournalists, fashion, architecture, portrait and landscape photographers as well as artistically working photographers are considered, provided that they have made an essential contribution to the culture of the photographic image in the 20th century. In addition to the biographical entries, information on factual topics such as information on museums, collections, archives, important exhibitions, prizes, photographer groups, aesthetic trends, etc. is given in marginal columns. The link with the biographical texts results in a richly illustrated history of photographic art from 1900 to the present.