Fotostudio Merkelbach 1913-1969 - Portraits 1913-1369 - Uitgeverij Komma

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Subtitle: portraits 1913-1969
Language: Dutch
Hardcover - September 2013
Dimensions: 26.4 x 23.9 x 2.8 cm
Number of pages: 304 pages
Author: Anneke van Veen
Publisher: Komma
ISBN 9789491525131
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In 1913 Jacob Merkelbach opened a luxury portrait studio above the fashion palace Hirsch & Cie on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam, a prime location for an ambitious photographer. Clients come from all over the Netherlands and also from overseas: big and small stars from the world of art and culture, prominent figures from politics and science, clients from the world of fashion and advertising. In the Cinetone Studios in Duivendrecht, stills and set photographs are made for numerous Dutch feature films. Together with the tens of thousands of family portraits, these photographs form a sample of socio-cultural life in the Netherlands in the last century.

With more than 1000 photos, this book shows for the first time a rich selection from this unique collection and tells the story of the legendary photo studio and of the three photographers Jacob Merkelbach, Mies Merkelbach and Bobby Rosenboom. In addition, Merkelbach's fashion, dance, theatre and film photography is extensively discussed.