Nobuyoshi Araki: Self Life Death

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This new abridged edition of the highly acclaimed Self Life Death provides an overview of Nobuyoshi Araki's (b.1940) prolific forty year career, featuring his finest and most iconic images in a new, expanded format. Arguably Japan's greatest living photographer - and certainly its most controversial - Araki consistently challenges artistic and social conventions in postwar Japan. The book examines Araki's work from a wide variety of viewpoints: Japanese and European; female and male, including all his major works, such as Sentimental Journey (1971), Tokyo Story (1989) and Erotos (1993). Araki's writings, widely admired and published in Japan, which were translated into English for the first time for Self Life Death, are also included. At this affordable and accessible format, a new audience of photography students and enthusiasts will be able to own a book on this influential photographer.


  • Publisher:Phaidon Press, 2011
  • Author: Akiko Miki
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  • Edition:Hardcover
  • Language:English
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