Araki, Nobuyoshi - Self Life Death - Special Luxury Limited Edition - Rare!

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Special Luxury Edition limited to 3,000 copies

Publisher: Phaidon Press, 2005
Author: Akiko Miki, Yoshiko Isshiki, Tomoko Sato
ISBN: 9780714845760
Edition: Hardcover
Language: English
Shippingweight: 3405 g

Akiko Miki, Yoshiko Isshiki, Tomoko Sato



  • A specially-bound, limited numbered edition of 3,000 copies
  • Each copy individually numbered
  • Includes foil-blocked, tipped in, textured pages
  • Texts throughout printed on different sized, pre-dyed, various coloured stock
  • Bound in special fabric and presented in a slipcase


Nobuyoshi Araki is arguably Japan's greatest living photographer, and certainly its most controversial. The more than 300 books he has published over the last four decades attest to his inexhaustible creative energy, while his work, which often challenges social taboos surrounding sex and death, has drawn critical attention both at home and abroad. This major publication provides the most comprehensive overview yet of Araki's highly prolific forty-year career. Araki's key series of works are included alongside many new and previously unpublished photographs.

At home, he is a national celebrity. In the West he is considerably less understood. This is the book that will explain Araki. In its sheer range of text and images, it is also the most comprehensive volume ever to be published on his life's work.