Moriyama, Daido - On the road SIGNED!

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Catalog produced in tandem with an extensive retrospective exhibition of Moriayama’s work at the National Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan, held in 2011, with images from his entire career including color images from Tokyo. Moriyama’s work represents “an immersion into the stark melancholic beauty of the discarded moments of life at its most ordinary. When Moriyama crystallizes these moments, we understand that our commonality of experience, its underpinning of beauty worship and our collective attempts at the location of aesthetic worth are a component of our arsenal against a society of spectacle. Moriyama's pictures are our pictures. Their everyday selection, his logorrhea of the eye, slows down the pace of how we gaze at our own personal familiar environment. We can see our fate laid out in front of us, like the play-by-play of a chess game in a daily newspaper. Jack Kerouac wrote On The Road on a continuous roll of paper, without the formality of having to insert a blank sheet of paper in the typewriter. … I'd like to think that Moriyama never had to change rolls of film, that his capture of images was not diminished by a formality like running out and the forced time-out of replenishment. That what he chose to find was found, and what was lost was simply lost.”—Johan Kugelberg, Huffington Post. (9/28/2014) In Moriyama’s own words, “In On the Road each phrase is like one shot.”.…“The narrative is always moving, always looking at different things at the same time.—The Telegraph (10/12/2012) 399 p. : chiefly ill. ; 24 cm. Text in Japanese; categories and some other text also in English.