Moriyama Daido - Nippon Gekijo Shashincho (Japan a Photo Theater) - by Shuji Terayama - SIGNED

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SIGNED by Moriyama

Daido Moriyama (Photographer)
Text by Shuji Terayama 
Publisher: Kodansha
ISBN 9784062174343
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Another of Japanese publisher Kodansha’s reprints of classic Moriyama. This, Moriyama’s first work, published in 1968, emerged during a period of often radical experimentation occurring in all areas of the Japanese avant-garde. Moriyama joins forces with dramatist Terayama Shuji, with photos of Terayama’s theatrical productions, combined with other images of daily life in the fast lane. This Provoke era masterpiece makes metaphor of life as theater = spectacle, and theater as life, and signaled the beginning of a distinctly Japanese photographic style. Brief texts by Terayama in Japanese. ("Japan a Photo Theater" appears nowhere on the book but seems to be an attempt to translate the Japanese title.)