Russell, Joslin (editor) - SERIES OF DREAMS: Selections from 17 years/68

€ 50,00

In Series of Dreams, Russell Joslin references work curated over 17 years as Publisher & Editor of Shots magazine to create a uniquely poetic and conceptually unified collection of imagery which simultaneously comforts, challenges, and delights the viewer. This beautifully printed volume includes 157 striking and memorable works from Joslin’s 68 issues of the magazine. Meticulously sown images are divided into thought-provoking and luscious chapters, but it is much more than a “best of” anthology. Elaborating on the surrealist sensibilities of Joslin’s Black Forest [Candela Books, 2014], Series of Dreams achieves an elusive balance between the humane and the ethereal; that rare and magical aesthetic that lets us experience the universal nature of dreaming while acknowledging the highly personal experience of one’s own dreams. The work of each artist is celebrated and allowed to breathe, each image recognized for its beauty and mystery; this, while the work of Joslin—through his deliberate and purposeful selection and sequencing—offers a sense of community and cohesion.

Series of Dreams is the debut title of Skeleton Key Press, a new voice in contemporary art publishing. A complete list of contributing artists and photos of the book follows.

Listed as one of the BEST PHOTOGRAPHY BOOKS OF 2018 by: Elizabeth Avedon [Elizabeth Avedon’s Journal], Collier Brown [photo-eye Books], and Suzanne Révy & Elin Spring [What Will You Remember?]