Lehl, Jurgen - On The Beach 2

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Jurgen Lehl established his fashion textiles company in Japan in 1972, and in 2006 he began to design ecologically responsible, hand-made products for Babaghuri. In recent years, while staying at his house on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Prefecture, he was struck by the increasing amount of waste washing up on the beaches. Some of the trash is Japanese, and some has drifted ashore from other Asian countries. This second of two volumes comprises his in situ photographs of the myriad flip-flops that also end up scattered over the beaches. Lost to the ocean for an indeterminate time, they reappear as decayed and disintegrated, colourful yet poisonous objects.

ISBN-10 : 4908062110

ISBN-13 : 978-4908062117

Paperback : 160 pagina's

Uitgever : HeHe (1 juli 2015)

Taal: : Engels