9x9 tadpole point

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The annual plan of Jianchi Coffee presents the current and daily life of artistic creation, a photo book of cross-border artistic creation. Nine Taiwanese photographers and nine artists from different fields work together to create.

From the only Treasure Rock International Art Village in Taipei that embodies the symbiosis of settlements. You and I are shouting tadpoles. Discovered for the first time! Argentine biologists recorded the high-frequency calls of Ceratophry tadpoles through a microphone in the water. Interestingly, these tadpoles did not scream in passing, but were hit by other tadpoles or disturbed by external forces. Only in a busy state will they scream. Researcher Natali remarked: "We assume that they make a sound under water to warn:" Don't eat me, me and you are of the same species ".
The Jianchao Coffee / Explore Canteen in Baozangyan International Art Village Treasure Rock has spent four springs, summers, autumns and winters. Here we welcome art makers in different areas. Over the past four years, we have stimulated cross-field art activities in this area. In the winter of 2014 a group of sharp worms moved. The new planning activities introduce the daily scenes of creators from different fields who have never known each other and who enter each other's lives The collaborative mode of unlimited frame shows the creative life of Yoshimitsu Kataba through film photography.

Uncertainty about beauty or failure, all kinds of opportunities lie in an unknown landscape.
What is creation for you?

Author: Jianchi Coffee Projec

Publisher: pedestrian

Series:What is art

Publication date:2015/01

Pages: 112


ISBN-13: 9789869146500