Sakokawa, Naoko - Shinjuku danbMrumura

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Shinjuku danbMrumura, or "Shinjuku's village of cardboard," refers to the plethora of shelters--fashioned of cardboard boxes and other materials--of the homeless people living near Shinjuku Station, one of busiest train stations in metropolitan Tokyo. The author/photographer, Naoko Sakokawa, works in a shop in Shinjuku, daily passing these makeshift dwellings of the homeless, and she was moved to create this photographic record of those who dwell in or near the busy station. There is limited text in Japanese, but the bulk of the book is a moving photographic portrait of the people on the fringes. 231 pages : illustrations ; 18 cm. This is a softcover publication.

ISBN-10 : 4925064762

ISBN-13 : 978-4925064767

Publisher : [Tokyo] : Du Books, ToÌkyoÌ : Kabushiki Kaisha Disuku Yunion 2013. (26 April 2013)

Language: : Japanese