Machiguchi, Satoshi - 1000 Bunko - SIGNED & NEW!!!!

€ 95,00

Machiguchi Satoshi 1000 presents (over) 1000 pages of full-framed, close-cropped photographs of some of the most influential photo-books of the past seven decades. A resource and a treasure, it is authored by art director Satoshi Machiguchi, an individual referred to as “the son of a photo-book” and known for his work as a designer of photo- and art-books with photographers such as Daido Moriyama.
Flipping through the pages of semi-blurred extracts and details feels like watching time pass by. Commencing with 'Snowland' by Hiroshi Hamaya and Robert Frank's 'The Americans' – two titles that Machiguchi received as a child in the '70s – the book moves chronologically through publications by Diane Arbus, Joel Meyerowitz and Kishin Shinoyama before concluding with the 2011 title 'Everything happens for the first time' – which Machiguchi himself designed.