Armstrong, David - All day every day

€ 55,00

Beauty was never a dirty word for David Armstrong. Untroubled by others' puritan fears of sensuality or by the follies of this or that zeitgeist, Armstrong has long pursued his twin vision of urban romance and bucolic serenity. All Day Every Day presents the artist's landscapes, interiors, and cityscapes, wistful and evocative images that discreetly suggest stories of love and loss, that bespeak the solitary pleasures of a flaneur adrift on urban streets and rural roads. A street corner, the facade of a skyscraper, blossoming trees, a chair in a room on a late afternoon: these are the elusive quotidian promises of happiness that Armstrong so elegantly captures, generously inviting viewers to interweave their own desires and reveries with his intricately languid images. Underlying Armstrong's radical aesthetic, we sense the utopian fervor of a revolt against utilitarianism, dogmatic narrow-mindedness, and the stifling fear of the senses and the body that still pervades our culture.

Hardcover, 12 x 16.5 images, 144 pages, 85 color images.