Bot, Marrie - Place laganne toulouse decembre 1985

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Marrie Bot is born in Bergambacht, started her career in 1963 as graphic designer. She received some formal art education at the Vrije Academie in The Hague in the year 1973-1974. 

Since 1976 she more and more started focussing on photography, and settled as independent artist in Rotterdam. She experimented with several forms of photography from portrait photography, street photography, documentary photography, and nude photography to photojournalism.

In her work Bot has often chosen those socio-political themes which are a taboo. She researched and studied her subjects at length before she presented her work. Subjects she pictured have been massive pilgrimages in Europe in 1984, mentally handicapped in 1988, and multicultural funeral and mourning rituals in the Netherlands in 1998.

Bot was awarded the Maria Austria Photography Prize in 1989 and the Dr A.H. Heineken Prize for Art in 1990.