Berquet, Gilles - Mïrka With DVD! new in plastic!

€ 35,00

Mïrka is a photo book, which reads like an adult fairy tale. Mïrka, the muse of photographer Gilles Berquet, revered by eroticism aficionados, embodies several characters: a forest eerie playing with trees and animals, a strange masked doll or a sophisticated blond. The book includes a DVD with some of Mïrkas adventures on screen ranging somewhere between movies of the silent era and surrealist short films. Gilles Berquet is born in Clamart, France, in 1956. He is thought to be a master of erotic photo in the wake of artists such as Pierre Molinier. He exhibits his photos world-wide and made several short movies. Mïrka Lugosi, one of Frances leading illustrators, has carved her own niche in the specialized field of fetish art.