Bieber, Jodi - Schemertijd Opgroeien met Zuid-Afrika

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Schemertijd is the result of more than ten years of work by the South African photographer Jodi Bieber. That work began in 1994, right after the first democratic elections in South Africa. Her book focuses mainly on young people growing up on the frayed edges of South African society. Bieber takes us to one of Johannesburg's rawest neighborhoods, a world ruled by gangs, to suburbs where prostitutes make their rates depend on the skin color of their clients and to homes where children with HIV/AIDS live. We meet nineteen-year-old David, lives on the margins of existence in the poor white neighborhood of Fitas. But we also see children working hard to become dancers, musicians or acrobats. Everyone has their own dreams to escape reality. This book is about loss of innocence, and the instinct to survive.