Bodewits, Jeroen - Sterren van de Laanzichtstraat

€ 21,00 € 17,50

Jeroen Bodewits (1971-2014)
Publisher PWS Rotterdam
66 pag.
Folder with 25 light prints of photos from the book.
sizes light prints: 21 x 30 cm each
with certificate with name; JeroenVincentBodewits

The Laanzichtstraat used to be; an ordinary street with its own face in Rotterdam's Crooswijk with anonymous residents. With a work of art Woningstichting PWS, in cooperation with the residents, wanted to give this street a face of its own.
For this Jeroen Bodewits was approached.
Jeroen had personal contact with the residents. He was allowed to enter a large number of residents
he had conversations and took pictures.
The photos give a beautiful picture of the residents and the objects with which they surround themselves.