Blumenfeld, Erwin - The Naked and the Veiled: The Photographic Nudes of Erwin Blumenfeld

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  • Hardcover : 144 pagina's
  • ISBN-10 : 0500542309
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0500542309
  • Afmetingen : 24.13 x 2.54 x 30.48 cm
  • Uitgever : Thames & Hudson; 1e editie (1 september 1999)
  • Taal: : Engels
  • Erwin Blumenfeld was one of the best en innovative photographers ever.
    This book gives a great insight in the way he viewed women, and how he gave his shaped his vision in his photography.
    The text by his son Yorick is very enlightening.
    A great book, one of the greatest books any photographer can buy.

One of the greatest fashion photographers of all time, Erwin Blumenfeld is also recognized as one of the most talented and profoundly erotic portrayers of the nude. He aimed to persuade his audience of the magical beauty of the female form, and to show the world that the nudes of the great master painters--from Botticelli to Ingres--could be challenged by the magical potential of the darkroom. Blumenfeld was an inspired innovator who experimented with solarizations, reticulations, negative-positive combinations, and chemical manipulations to enhance the mystery of his images. The Naked and the Veiled features, in both color and duotone, many photographs never before published, as well as Blumenfeld's famous shots such as Nude under Wet Silk. The text by Yorick Blumenfeld, the photographer's son, provides unusual insights into the work and brings a greater understanding of these highly original and complex images. This book shows the full range of Blumenfeld's astounding inventiveness, from the classic to the surreal to the abstract, from 1930s Amsterdam to 1960s New York. It will interest not only those who are already familiar with Blumenfeld's fashion photographs, but anyone interested in the history of the nude in photography who wishes to see the subject treated by one of the twentieth century's undisputed masters.

This book shows Blumenfeld's visionary experimental work on women's body forms decades before "Photoshop" existence. His artistic vision goes beyond advanced technics, even for today's standards. It is an expression of his sense of harmony and balance between light and organic forms. It's an inspiration for any fine art/portrait photographer.