Bailey, David - Elsewhere : Archives of the 1970s XL-book new in plastic!

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If David Bailey was the symbolic photographer of the London of the Swinging Sixties, he saw the 1970s take a radical turn: this richly illustrated book bears witness to the expansion of his field to the whole world.
In January 1970 he travelled to Turkey and chose the spectacular mountains of the middle of the country as the background for the fashion photographs he was to take for Vogue. From that moment on, and throughout the next decade, he traveled all over the world, objectively in hand, incessantly in search of lively people and places. His photographs of India, Peru, Haiti, Brazil and New Guinea, for the most part unpublished, bear witness to a penetrating vision that in 1979 would result in the most political of his reports: haunting images of Vietnamese boat people.
In addition to these exceptional photographs, this album contains an anthology of fashion photographs taken by Bailey in the 1970s, many of which include his favorite models of the day - Marie Helvin, Penelope Tree and Anjelica Huston. In this era of "glamorous revival" he didn't neglect portraits, an art in which he was a former master, his subjects varied from Salvador Dali or Mick Jagger to Margaret Thatcher or even Mother Teresa. The documentaries about Andy Warhol, Cecil Beaton and Luchino Visconti that he makes for television are also an opportunity for Bailey to take some of his most fascinating photographs.
Martin Harrison delved into the archives of the seventies and brought with him numerous masterpieces, some of which were hitherto unknown, others whose magic contributed enormously to the iconography of that decade. With over 290 photographs, this magnificent book celebrates Bailey's extraordinary talent in capturing and depicting a world of contrasts and reveals a little-known side of one of the world's greatest photographers. David Bailey has published several books, including Trouble and Strife, If We Shadows, The Lady is a Tramp, Rock and Roll Heroes (Les Héros du rock and roll), Chasing Rainbows (Sillages de beauté) and Archive One.

Hardcover: 259 pages
Dimensions: 33.7 x 26.9 x 3.1 cm
Publisher: Thames & Hudson (January 1, 2003)
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Language : French