Boudard, Alphonse - Des Gens Sans Importance (Photos) (French Edition)

€ 19,00

What's aco? A photo album again... yes, but this one is a memory album. Childhood memories, memories of France... A thicket of memories from the depths of our collective memory. We are wrong, you see, to forget them, all those people that we say lightly without importance. They are our brothers, our sisters, our grandfathers and mothers... our uncles Jules and our aunts Ernestine... people of so little importance that they have photographed themselves. So that we don't turn the page too quickly. Jérôme Ducrot, at first, he used to do the fashion pictures in New York salons - a rather pleasant task - and then one day he wanted to go and surprise real life. He went into the deep layers, here and there, especially in the Nièvre and Brittany where he lives today. He used to arrive at soup time at the homes of the good people, who were busy in their daily lives, and he would make them take a portrait of themselves, with a little pear and a little bird... all by themselves! This is the result.

Hard cover : 90 pages
ISBN-10 : 2226094725
ISBN-13 : 978-2226094728
Dimensions : 24.4 x 1.3 x 27.2 cm
Editorial : Albin Michel (2 April 1998)
Language : French