Doisneau, Robert - 40-44

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There are many ways to show "the Dark Years". That of Robert Doisneau avoids pathos, simply speaks of the great emptiness of the Occupation, of daily life: streets without cars, generalized shortages, deserted stalls filled only with the Vichy watchword: "Factice". Sensitive to the comical even in the most difficult situations, Doisneau's eye spots the tricks and incongruities of the D system: a man turns his stove into a hutch, a Parisian woman gives her hen some fresh air in a public garden. If he describes heroism, Doisneau shows resistant typographers; Vercors' friend Yvonne Paraf, known as Desvignes, stapling the first copy of Le Silence de la mer in her kitchen; the many anonymous fighters of the Liberation. For the most part unpublished, these photographs speak volumes about this dramatic moment in history.

Hardcover : 123 pages
ISBN-10 : 2905292679
ISBN-13 : 978-2905292674
Dimensions : 23 x 1.6 x 30.8 cm
Publisher : Centre d'histoire de la Résistance et de la déportation (1 Jan. 1994)
Language : French