Depardon, Raymond - Photographer and Filmmaker edition 1500

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The work of the French photographer Raymond Depardon (1942) is still relatively unknown in the Netherlands. Because of the nature of his artistic practice, Depardon's work has great topical value: it forms an ongoing crossover between photography and film, between journalism and autobiography and between image and text. Depardon is a viewer and photographer/filmmaker like Johan van der Keuken was, but without losing sight of the larger connections with the world.

The publication Raymond Depardon. Photographer and filmmaker is a special document, if only because there has not previously been a publication about his work in the Netherlands. Depardon's work is described and analysed in two essays: 'Raymond Depardon: thinker in images' by Frits Gierstberg, head of exhibitions at the Nederlands Fotomuseum and 'Naar een indirect cinema: the documentary svan Raymond Depardon' by Nico de Klerk, researcher at the Nederlands Filmmuseum.

ISBN 978-90-5973-040-3
Number of pages 96
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