Duyvendijk, Marco van - Marco van Duyvendijk SIGNED!!

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Utrecht, Rabobank paperback, 2007, (eerste druk), NL, ISBN 9789081267519, in nieuwstaat. Met set van 7 ansichtkaarten..

After studying psychology, 25-year-old Marco van Duyvendijk (born 1974) leaves for Romania to spend a year focusing on photography. There he meets a girl, the thirteen year old Oana. Just like him she wanders the streets: he searches for photographs, she flees from her alcoholic mother. Van Duyvendijk wants to get to know Oana, but he hesitates: does he want to see what her life is like? Only after a week he dares to take a picture, the first of what will later become a series. Not about poverty, but about the budding friendship between two young people from totally different worlds. In the years that follow, a special and coherent oeuvre emerges, which will be shown in its entirety for the first time in the Fotomuseum Den Haag.

Children and young people are the thread running through Van Duyvendijk's work, which will take him to Romania, Mongolia, China and Japan, among others, over a period of ten years. In each country he searches for traces of folklore and signs of change. He doesn't deny that a 'Western' view shines through in this, but each country he visits makes him more modest about his own values and ideas. In art, so also in his own photographs, he sees an open view between East and West. Van Duyvendijk feels at home in this mutual influence. Marco van Duyvendijk is a 'slow' photographer. He prefers to work on a series for months, sometimes years. Yet after ten years there is enough work for a retrospective of the impressive beginning of a career. In Marco van Duyvendijk's Eastward Bound, atmosphere and color are central. He does not limit himself to one genre and alternates between travel, documentary and portrait photography. But his work is always characterized by the mastery and meticulousness of an empathetic and intelligent photographer who takes time for his subjects.