Cobler, Veretta - New York Underground 1970-1980 Fotografien von Veretta Cobler

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Veretta is a New York City-based professional photographer.  She has worked in fine arts, fashion, portraiture and still life for over 20 years.  Her fashion images are seen in various U.S. magazines including Bride, Bridal Guide, Martha Stewart Living, The Knot, and The New Yorker.   Working directly with the client, she takes their vision from concept to completion.   She has extensive experience creating marketing material for her wide assortment of fashion clients.  Quality, beauty and attention to detail are the consistent themes in her work.  

Fine arts photography is the driving force in Veretta's work.  Through books and exhibitions, Veretta is in the process of sharing her vast collection of images.  Published work to date includes "New York Underground", (2004) a coffee table book depicting the disco night life in New York City in late 1970's and early 1980's.  Her images are also included in "The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography" (2001), edited by Maxim Jabukowski and Marilyn Jaye Lewis, as well as "Gift of Power", (1992) a book by Richard Erdoes and Archie Fire Lame Deer depicting the life of a Lakota Chief.   

Veretta loves to take pictures.  Sometimes an image just happens spontaneously in life, and sometimes an image is created in her imagination and comes to life through the use of live models, set building, lighting and digital compositing.  Beauty is the common thread.

She also loves to travel.  She gathers images of landscapes, places and people and their cultures, with no preconceived notion of how an image will be used.  Conscious of our environment and concerned about the future, she is constantly working towards her artistic contribution to the betterment of tomorrow.

The Native American culture is a consistent theme in Veretta's work due to her deep interest and personal involvement in the Native American spiritual way of life.  Her active participation in indigenous ceremony, research, and photographic field trips have yielded an extensive collection of Native American themes. 

Veretta's transition from the classic photographic film and darkroom expertise to the complexity of today's digital photographic technology, coupled with the encouragement and guidance of an assortment of artistic and spiritual mentors makes her photographic journey possible.


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