Colin, Thierry - Beyond the Edge

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In the work of photographer Thierry Colin, every picture definitely tells a story - a memory of happiness, an expression of anger, a message of shared humanity. In this beautifully printed, large-format book, these political and poetic photos from Colin's travels in the Third World - from India to Morocco to Cuba - show, as the artist says, -the experience of what lies beyond the pictures. Whether he's shooting children in Phnom Penh as they rummage with rats on a garbage dump, or a stunning forest scene in Kenya's Masai Mara reserve, Colin is doing what true artists do: letting us see the world through his eyes.

Hardcover : 136 pages
ISBN-10 : 3936859868
ISBN-13 : 978-3936859867
Item Weight : 2.43 pounds
Dimensions : 11.1 x 0.79 x 11.85 inches
Publisher : Ram Distribution (September 15, 2008)
Language : English