Clement, Serge - Fragrant Light (réédition revue et augmentée)

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A collection of photographs by Serge Clement, taken between 1959 and 1999 in Hong Kong and Shanghai. "Clement's film noir obsession with the substance of shadow is one of the sources of strength of these pictures, but they move beyond a cinematic ambiance to arrive at greater complexities of vision, ineluctable elisions of surfaces and light, and a haunting poetry of their own... reflecting the increasing permeability of cultures, the ways in which the world increasingly reflects itself." Gordon Baldwin, Dept of Photographs, J. Paul Getty Museum. Foreword by Nigel Cameron. Includes biographical information on artist.

c(réédition revue et augmentée)
DeTilly-Blaru, Hong Kong, 2003
texte (anglais) : Gordon Baldwin, Nigel Cameron / (français) Marcel Jean – feuillet inséré
120 p. / 75 photographies / 26 X 21 cm
ISBN : 978-9743213