Elsken, Ed van der - Eye love you

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Eye love you: human book, women's book, men's book, libido book, sex book, love book, friendship book : book of happiness, sorrow, suffering, death, struggle, courage, vitality.

Ed van der Elsken's first book in full color, mainly based on his travels for the monthly magazine Avenue, appeared in 1977. The starting point for this book was love, especially the love between man and woman as it is experienced all over the world. Halfway through the subject changes to the struggle for existence, which men and women experience in solidarity (or as individuals). The humanity and involvement that are so characteristic of Van der Elsken's work still captivate and amaze, and that is why this edition deserves a reprint. Just as for the book 'Amsterdam!', all the original slides have been cleaned, scanned and meticulously edited using a new technique developed by the restoration studio of the Nederlands Fotomuseum.

Exhibition: De Parade, several locations in the Netherlands (Summer, 2016) / Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Spring 2017) / Jeu de Paume, Paris, France (2017)

ISBN 9026949774

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