Franssen, Flip - Van alle tijden / een fotoboek

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Flip Franssen is a classic photographer, who doesn't chase by, but blends in with what he sees in his viewfinder. Looks, feels, empathizes and finally finds the moment to hijack away from time that one fraction, which must be preserved for transience. He is not there, as a result of which the image does not feel spied upon, but can be uninhibited, itself.
That is only possible if you believe in the 'meantime': the time between the click of the camera and the moment later when the image appears on the paper.
If you have deciphered yourself in such a way that you can immerse yourself in the image and rediscover at home what time has allowed to unfold as an unforgettable moment.
All this makes him the true 'classic' photographer and his work 'of all times'.

Of all times is the second photo book by Flip Franssen (Wijchen, 1956). It contains a selection of photographs that were roughly taken between 1989 and 1999. Flip Franssen's previous book, Het unusone van alledagag, covered the period 1980-1989.

Franssen, self-taught, works as a freelance photographer mainly in photojournalism. He works for national daily and weekly newspapers, designers, p.r.-agencies and non-profit institutions (education, health care), and is affiliated with the photobedic agency Hollandse Hoogte.'Perhaps in Flip Franssen's art of photography more currents come together. The shadows behind glass, as André Kertesz once captured them. The direct Spanish portraits, reminiscent of the peasant heads of Martien Coppens, the soldiers in Pskov of Sem Presser, his school class during gymastics of Henk van der Horst, his photographs from Peru of Carel Blazer's engagement.
Note: French people are not copyists. He plows ahead in the iconographic style of professionals before him. He evokes the images of others, without his own images disappearing into the background. That makes him a classic photographer and his photographs classic'.

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