Feininger, Andreas - fotografeert steen

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Feininger (1906 - 1999) combined an architect's love of precision, space, and technique with an artist's love of sweeping vistas. Although an American citizen, Feininger did not come to the United States until he was 33. Son of the late acclaimed artist Lyonel Feininger, he was born in Paris in 1906, and graduated with highest honors in architecture from schools in Germany. At the time, Feininger was using a camera as a reference aid in creating his building designs. The camera became his mechanical sketchbook.

1962 J.H.Gottmer, Haarlem (vertaald uit 1960 Econ Verlag GmbH, Dusseldorf)

Language: Dutch

Vertaald: J.W. Schulte-Nordholt