Gulyay, Bogdan - Bare Nature

€ 29,00

Bare Nature
Bogdan Gulyay
52 pages
200 mm x 200 mm
Edition of 30, numbered: no 23
Black & White Digital Print
Perfect Bound
Cover Couché Paper 300 gr
Inside Couché Paper 150 gr

"Too little things in our world have been left untouched by the human. Trees and rivers are replaced by concrete and glass. Sceneries of the wild nature are supplemented with domestic
waste, and desert spaces are sliced and divided by highways and pipelines.
It`s too hard to find a comfortable place for being alone and talking to nature. As well as it`s difficult to meet the chastity and purity of a woman
in the crazy-on-sex society.
These photographs are about joy and peace that we feel from meeting with nature, and about the bareness as a natural state, in which woman becomes water, wind and a spirit of virgin landscape."