Griffioen, Pieter - China in het voorbijgaan / China's present past (Rare!)

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Griffioen Pieter (1878 - 1947) "In january 1983, after a long journey through a number of south-asian countries, I found myself in hongkong in front of the gateway to china, the middle kingdom. In those days there were no guidebooks for single travellers. It was a risky undertaking but if I didn't go I would always regret it. So off I headed to meet the unknown. I was so fascinated by what I saw and experienced in china in those two weeks that I decided to make a photo series. Between 1985 and 1991 I returned to china five times, travelling 30,000 kilometres, mainly by train. The first two trips I undertook entirely on my own, but chinese society turned out to be difficult to penetrate. To reach deeper into this world on my following trips I engaged the assistance of the Netherlands-China friendship association and with their help, I received permission (and interpreters) to photograph in hospitals, steel fiants, a shipyard, a prison, oilfields, and so forth. I concentrated mainly on aspects which I imagine will soon have disappeared in china's drive to modernise. As such my images are clearly not representative of what can be seen in the country today, they merely give a picture of the way I viewed china."


Publisher: Uitgeverij Focus (1993)
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