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Photographs from Japan 1989-1995;

Fifty years after the end of World War II, Paul Graham examines the effects of total defeat and unconditional surrender on contemporary Japanese culture. Focusing largely on the apparent contradictions which surround Japan's political and economic roles in the world, Paul Graham constructs powerfully evocative juxtapositions : a young girl and an elderly statesman, an atom flash and a candy wrapper, a section of a historic photo and a cherry blossom. Photographed in close-up, the tiniest details act as potent psychological triggers, investigating what seems to be a collective amnesia which has appeared in Japanese culture since the end of World War II.


Paul Graham (born 1956) is a British fine-art and documentary photographer. He has published three survey monographs, along with 17 other publications.

Between 1981 and the end of 1982, Graham photographed people and places along the A1 Road in Britain (which mainly parallels the Great North Road), from the Bank of England in the City of London, and travelling north. His portrait of the nation was published in 1983 as A1: The Great North Road. His book Empty Heaven is devoted to Japan; another, A Shimmer of Possibility, comprises 12 volumes examining everyday life in the USA.

Graham has won the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, the Hasselblad Award, the W. Eugene Smith Grant, received a Guggenheim Fellowship, and won the inaugural Paris Photo--Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards prize for best photographic book of the past 15 years.


Publisher: Scalo Publishers (14 September, 2005)
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ISBN-13: 9781881616535
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New in plastic! Rare!