Gardin, Gianni-Berengo - Italians Italiener

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This book gathers together over 400 "Italian moments". Leaf through this invaluable collection of black and white photographs, created in the second half of the 20th century. Let yourself be beguiled by this photographer's curiosity and his subtle artistic skills. Discover for yourself what makes up the mysterious variety that is Italy. Here you will find pictures of Norrth as well as the South, policemen and criminals, village festivities, show-offs and "wall-flowers", episodes of eveeryday life. VIPs, and the perfectly "ordinary" people.
Presented chronologically, the more than four hundred black and white images combine to offer a unique record of modern Italian life: its joys and sorrows, its large celebrations and small victories, its extraordinary events and everyday miracles.

'I like colour - just not in photography. I have always liked black and white'

Gianni Berengo Gardin (born 1930), has been proffessional photographer since 1962. He has devoted his life to photogrraphy, concentrating on reports, social analysis and documentary accounts of the environment and the workplace. The quality and range of output -having published some 200 volumes- make him one of the best known contemporary Italian photographers.

Publisher: Te Neues Pub Group (2000)
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