Hamilton, David - Dreams of a Young Girl

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Some years ago David Hamilton withdrew with his camera to a farm in Provence. When girls came to visit him, and many did, he photographed them naturally, unobtrusively and without artificial lighting, as they wandered through the surrounding fields and olive groves, or relaxed in the tranquility of the old stone house. His sensitive eye noticed how, when spring became summer, the innocence and awakening self-awareness of the young girls were reflected in the flowers and the trees, the doves and the flocks of sheep. It was a world through which he wandered, as if unseen, in pursuit of dreams... While an artist may seek to express his dreams in pictures, a writer chooses words, and the passages which precede each section of the book are the response of Alain Robbe-Grillet, novelist and author of the scenario for Last Year in Marienbad, to the world created by David Hamilton.

Evocative and erotic photographs capture the anticipations, reflections, discoveries, moods, and forms of adolescent female sensuality.



Publisher: Collins; 1st edition (1971)
Language: English
Hardcover: 142 pages
ISBN-10: 0002111667
ISBN-13: 9780002111669
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