Helnwein, Gottfried - XEЛЬHBAЙH (Gosudarstvennyj Russkii Muzei, 1997)

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Thick coffee-table art book featuring Helnwein's art from painting and photography to stage settings and installations. The must-have for any serious Helnwein fan.


Gottfried Helnwein (Vienna, October 8, 1948) is an Austrian painter and graphic artist. The central theme in Helnwein's work is the human being. As a victim, but also as a perpetrator. The child in particular is a recurring motif in his oeuvre. Not only in portraits he draws, photographs, and paints, but also the influence of comics, with figures like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse - he learned more from Disney than Leonardo da Vinci, he once claimed - indicates the world of children. According to Helnwein, children are the victims of injustice and violence in our society. He also uses children as a mirror for history. In 1988 he made a 100-meter-long installation in Cologne with huge portraits of children, to commemorate the Kristallnacht. The children seem to be in an endless line, waiting to be sorted. This night was later commemorated by the artist in his book and documentary Ninth November Night.


Publisher: Gosudarstvennyj Russkii Muzei, 1997
Language: Russian
Hardcover: 424 pages
ISBN-10: 3829014481
ISBN-13: 9783829014489
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Dimensions: 25.4 x 3.18 x 33.02 cm