Gaudriault, Catherine - Le photographe (New in plastic!) (XXL-BOOK!)

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Through a hazardous journey in a sensitive relationship where Rancinan photographs his friends, in one, intimate, where Caroline Gaudriault evokes a fragment of an encounter, the photographer and the writer deliver to curious readers of this book, their journey, as well as rare, suspended and final moments. Does the photographer exist? This is what it is about here. It's up to everyone to find the answer in the ink of the words, the back of the photos, in the corners of the pages, or at the very end, over there, at the confluence of stopped time and infinity.


Caroline Gaudriault (born in Paris) is an author of a dozen literary books and essays, translated into different languages. She is also conceiving art installations based on her literary texts in prestigious museums. She was working for a long time as a journaliste for internationally renowned magazines and collaborates, for the last 20 years, closely with the French photographer Gérard Rancinan.

Her philosophical texts and essays are the inspiration for Rancinan's photographs. Her editorial works and his photographs are influencing each other reciprocally. Therefore they are working as an artistic couple and exhibiting together their works, photographs as well as texts and books.

Together, they are conceiving projects, whereas Gaudriault curates exhibition and is in charge of the editorial outlines. Furthermore, she gives form to her texts by integrating them into a calligraphy installation. These installations became part of the group exhibitions with Rancinan.


Publisher: Editions de la Martinière (9 Oktober 2008)
Language: French
Softcover: 300 pages
ISBN-10: 2732438405
ISBN-13: 9782732438405
Item weight: 2711 gr
Dimensions: 32 x 3.5 x 28 cm


XXL-BOOK! New in plastic!