Huynh, Jean-Baptiste - Yeux (New in plastic!) (XL-book)

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Series of portraits of great international photographers and painters, in collaboration with the European House of Photography.


Jean-Baptiste Huynh was born in France (1966) to a French mother and a Vietnamese father. He taught himself photographic lighting and printing techniques, which he mastered to the point of developing a personal style. His pure and timeless photography is recognizable in widely varied subjects, including portraits, nudes, minerals, and plants, as well as spiritual symbols and emblematic masterpieces. Jean-Baptiste Huynh’s running themes include the human gaze, our self-image, interplaying light, a sense of timelessness, and an attempt to capture infinity.

Jean-Baptiste Huynh considers the staging of his installations – their scenography – along with the conception of his books, as integral parts of his artistic vision. He has personally authored fifteen books.


Publisher: Maison Européenne de La Photo (6 Februari, 2001)
Language: French
Hardcover: 194 pages
ISBN-10: 291442602X
ISBN-13: 9782914426022
Item weight: 2290 g
Dimensions: 31.5 x 30.5 x 3 cm


XL-book new in plastic!