Jodice, Mimmo - Passé intérieur (New in plastic!)

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Mimmo Jodice, deeply and viscerally attached to his hometown of Naples, stands out as a key figure in Italian photography in the line of luigi Ghirri or Mario Giacomelli.

This first monograph, which covers twenty-five years of intense activity in the field of research, reportage, portrait or landscape, unfolds like a series of baroque chronicles where the restless and dazzled gaze of the photographer rests on human beings. and things in order to find beyond appearances a part of interior sincerity to which a new image of the world must correspond.


Domenico "Mimmo" Jodice (born 24 March 1934, in Naples) is an Italian photographer. His name is well known in the history of contemporary photography.

When he was very young, he dedicated himself to painting and drawing and was passionately interested in arts, classical music, and jazz.

In the early 1960’s he discovered photography as a new means of expression. He began to experiment with different materials, abstract forms, and all linguistic and technical aspects of photography.

During the 1970’s he was in contact with the most important avant-garde artists, who worked and exposed in Naples: Andy Warhol, Joseph Beuys, Kounelis, De Dominicis, Paolini, Sol Lewitt, Kosuth, and many others.


Mimmo Jodice profondément et viscéralement attaché à sa ville natale Naples, s'impose comme une figure clef de la photographie italienne dans la lignée de luigi Ghirri ou Mario Giacomelli.

Cette première monographie qui couvre vingt-cinq années d'intense activité dans le domaine de la recherche, du reportage, du portrait ou du paysage, de déroule comme une suite de chroniques baroques où le regard inquiet et ébloui du photographe se pose sur les êtres et les choses afin de trouver audelà der apparences unde part de sincérité intérieure à laquelle doit correspondre une image nouvellle du monde.


Publisher: Contrejour (1 December, 1993)
Language: French
Hardcover: 156 pages
ISBN-10: 285949149X
ISBN-13: 9782859491499
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(New in plastic!)