Klauke, Jürgen - Le désastre du moi (New in plastic!)

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In the early 1970s, the young Klauke began to practice photography, a medium that at the time was not yet recognized in the art world. But through her independent and conceptual approach, the artist definitely breaks with the characteristics of traditional photography. In his series, Jürgen Klauke historically embodies the postmodern position, in that he refers to himself as the object of his observations. Thus, by taking on false identities, he reenacts the drama of human conflicts. Recreating the universe with oneself is the artist's leitmotif. Klauke is one of the first to put his own body at the heart of his artistic reflection. He thus contributed to setting the parameters of the current known as “body art”.


Jürgen Klauke (Kliding, September 6, 1943) is a German artist and professor emeritus. He has lived and worked in Cologne since 1968. From his earliest work, Klauke has been mainly concerned with the human body and its sexual identity. Already in the early 1970s, he was one of the first to recognize the possibilities of photography as an art medium and thus became one of the most striking representatives of the later Bodyart. His often provocatively staged tableaux are now an integral part of the German photo art scene. Klauke's work usually consists of extensive thematic cycles and accompanying performances.


Au début des années 70, le jeune Klauke commence à pratiquer la photographie, médium qui à l’époque n’était pas encore reconnu dans le monde de l’art. Mais par sa démarche indépendante et conceptuelle, l’artiste rompt définitivement avec les caractéristiques d’une photographie traditionnelle.
Dans ses séries, Jürgen Klauke incarne, de manière historique, la position postmoderne, en ce qu’il se désigne lui-même comme objet de ses observations. Ainsi, en prenant de fausses identités, il rejoue le drame des conflits humains. Recréer l’univers avec soi-même est le leitmotiv de l’artiste. Klauke est un des premiers à mettre son propre corps au coeur de sa réflexion artistique. Il a contribué ainsi à poser les paramètres du courant connu sous le terme « body art ».


Publisher: Maison Européenne de la Photographie; 1st edition (2001)
Language: French and English
Hardcover: 68 pages
ISBN-10: 2914426097
ISBN-13: 9782914426091
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(New in plastic!)