Kern, Pascal - Icônes & Sculptures

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The collection covers numerous subject areas: the art of all styles and epochs (e.g. Gothic, Renaissance, Romanticism, Impressionism, Expressionism, and Postmodernism), art history, architecture, design, sculpture and handicrafts, philosophy, theater studies, and history.

Pascal Kern (born in 1952) lived and worked in Paris, where he studied at the Sorbonne. Kern uses photography to produce ‘sculptures’, which explore the question of volume in all its aspects: the relationships between volume and surface, fullness and emptiness, mass and color, depth and contour. Using found or natural forms, he elevates the every-day to almost iconic status; fascinated with the space created and occupied by the subject, and the purity of its form.

The metal industrial objects and wooden molds are retrieved from old factories and foundries, while the vegetables are grown from seed. The artist lived with his subject matter for a period of time before photographing, taking only one photograph which is later reproduced to life-size. The Cibachrome photographs of each subject are presented as diptychs, triptychs, or polyptychs, in frames constructed with related materials. The final stage in the long process of crafting these incredible works is for them to be hung specifically (with precise instructions from the artist) to achieve a perfect balance; the work appearing almost weightless whilst creating an unusually powerful presence.


Publisher: Marval, Paris; 1st edition (1 January, 1989)
Language: French and English
ISBN-10: 2862340359
ISBN-13: 9782862340357
Item weight: 350 g
Dimensions: 24 x 22 cm