Lartigue, Jacques-Henri - Diary of a Century

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Here, selected from Lartigue's seventy-year collection, are the photographs that best document the visual changes of the twentieth century. Accompanying these photographs are the most delightful entries from the text of Lartigue's diary.


"Photography is a magic thing!" - when Jacques-Henri Lartigue was 7 years old


Jacques Henri Lartigue (Courbevoie, June 13, 1894 - Nice, September 12, 1986) was a French photographer and painter. Is known for his 'frozen' action photos of car races, airplanes, jumping, falling, and running people and of fashionable Parisian women; photos he took around 1910. Although best known as a photographer, Lartigue was also a very talented painter.


Publisher: Penguin Books; 1st edition (1978)
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