Newton , Helmut - FOR PRESS FREEDOM

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The album you have in your hands is not a purchase like any other. It is not only a magazine gathering the images of one of the photographers of these last thirty years. It is also the sign of a refusal, of a resistance and of an act of solidarity. By allowing us to finance our actions in the field, without being dependent on anyone, it is indeed the guarantee of our independence. By buying this album, you have therefore opposed one of our worst enemies: the temptation of ambient fatalism. So thank you. For giving us the means to help these journalists who are imprisoned - there are more than 130 of them today - for having only claimed the right to express themselves. A freedom that is part of our "things that go without saying" but constitutes, for many of our fellow human beings, an unheard-of luxury, an unattainable dream. Thank you therefore for allowing us, thanks to your generosity, to remind you that as you read these lines, hundreds of millions of people are deprived of this information without which there can be no true democracy. As you can see, this fight for greater freedom of expression is not a corporatist one. We do not believe that journalists are "better victims" than others. No, through them, we are defending, once again, the one of our freedoms that encompasses all the others. The freedom to say, to testify, to exist.




Language: French 
ISBN-13: 9782908830934
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