Cavalli , Giuseppe - GIUSEPPE CAVALLI

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Cavalli , Giuseppe - GIUSEPPE CAVALLI


At the Senigallia Biennial

The material history of photography offers us elementary time machines; photographic objects are vehicles that allow the collector or enthusiast to consciously travel back in time.

The appointments of the Senigallia Biennial include an annual gathering in early May, with exhibitions, fairs and conferences in which to discuss the potential of these material objects inherited from the first 150 years of photography, from 1839 to 1989.

Observations, projects, and ideas are recorded in the Maltagliati Notebooks, conjugated in three phases, Material History (analysis of the past), Inspired Collectors (artists in the present), and Children of Men (the non-past represented by the projects of school students).

Presentation of the first seven notebooks, published at the 2019 Preview of the Senigallia Biennial.




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